Sauhmor Beauty is a cruelty-free makeup line that caters to mother's on the go offering makeup, natural skin care, and education. It is flawless for ANY age, and ANY skin type. Sauhmor Beauty was created in 2013 to help take a moment for yourself and have fun experimenting with Sauhmor Beauty!

Sauhmor Beauty's mission is to help mothers on the go become more educated on makeup application and makeup awareness. Applying makeup shouldn't be a hassle or intimidating. Sauhmor Beauty is here to make sure your experience is flawless, effortless, and fun!

Some women are very busy and on the go, at times women tend to forget the important of applying their favorite makeup, catering to themselves, and enhancing self. doing this can help increase and boost their day. A lot of women do not have the proper knowledge of applying makeup on themselves, nor are they aware of what fits them best. Some women also lack the education of skin care. Once a woman is educated on what kind of makeup is right for her, how to apply the makeup, and how to take care of her skin, she can have a newer attitude, a bigger smile, and a brighter spirit feeling like the beauty she is!

As mothers, we can sometimes put ourselves last, due to balancing family, the household, and our careers. It is important to pamper yourself in order to maintain your natural beauty. Resulting in more self love that you deserve. This is why Sauhmor Beauty was created. To provide education, enhance self confidence that's already within, and provide a flawless, effortless, and fun experience. Bring Sauhmor (some more) Beauty out of you!